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If you are an international educational non-governmental organization interested in partnering with ISOW, then please contact us. We are open to exploring new partnerships that will enable us to sponsor students from new parts of the world. 



To me, ISOW is an opportunity to empower Laurier students by applying what they learn in a meaningful response to the difficult realities of the world around us.
Dr. Gavin Brockett
Faculty Advisor, Associate Dean of Arts: Student Affairs and Learning

To me, ISOW is demonstrative of the power that education can have in bringing about positive and meaningful change.
Faith Laverty
President, Fourth Year Global Studies

To me, ISOW is my first step to become a global citizen by helping others. Through it, I've expanded my horizons to make a difference. You are what you put into the world! 
Jay Ahn
Treasurer, Second Year Business Administration

To me, ISOW is an opportunity to create global connections and accessible pathways to education. 
Emily Grass
Director: Public Affairs, Third Year Global Studies, with Management Option

Living in Canada, it is easy to take educational opportunities for granted. To me, ISOW means helping others to access this basic necessity. 
Owen Henderson
Co-Director: Development, Fourth Year Business Administration

To me, ISOW is a student-led initiative that reflects Laurier's core values. One of my core values is to give back to the community and others, and ISOW is a great reflection of this. 
Manmit Randhawa
Co-Director: Development, Second Year Communications 

To me, ISOW means helping people in need complete their education; something that should be a right, not a privilege. 
Jenna Beemer
Co-Scholar Liaison, Second Year History
To me, ISOW is demonstrative of the power that education can have in bringing about positive and meaningful change.
Parker Beemer
Summer Coordinator


To me, ISOW is a student-centered initative aiming to create tangible change in the world & empower Laurier student leaders.
Hillary Kendrick
Director at Large, Fourth Year Political Science, with Legal Studies & Research Specializations
To me, ISOW represents hope for the future: the hope that goodness can be found amongst conflict and pain, and the hope that actions really do create change
Stephanie Lee
Director at Large & Assistant Director: Social Media, Fourth Year Global Studies & Political Science


The ISOW Student Club is led by an elected Management Team and operates as a Wilfrid Laurier University Student Union club.
The Management Team meets regularly during the school year and once in the summer for a retreat to plan for the year ahead.


  • To take the lead in implementing the ISOW Laurier initiative in conjunction with Laurier International and the Faculty Advisor.
  • To administer the International Students Overcoming War undergraduate and graduate student levies.
  • To promote student learning and engagement through leadership opportunities, intercultural events, academic engagement, and meaningful community relationships.
  • To generate awareness and interest in the initiative so that it might continue to be an accountable partnership with student input.
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