Summer Retreat 2018

ISOW team with banner

Every summer, ISOW team members gather for one weekend to plan the upcoming years events and the organization’s calendar. It is a time filled with collaboration, team building, and fun as the team gets to know one another better and build excitement for the year ahead. This weekend also involves planning for new students to arrive and delegating who will be taking care of purchasing all the necessary items for each scholar. In addition, the Saturday evening often involves a meal which all ISOW alumni and scholars are invited to participate in which is a chance to continue to build community. This retreat saw the largest amount of ISOW alumni and scholar participation yet with close to 30 people there for supper. Finally, each retreat has a different focus of discussion. The summer 2018 retreat focused on restructuring scholar support to be more effective, discussed what global citizenship means and how to implement it within club activities. At the end of the retreat, ISOW had a clear set of goals for the year to improve scholar support and a list of events that aim to engage the student body on the realities of conflict and global citizenship.

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