The ISOW Scholarship

The ISOW Scholarship covers living costs and tuition for the duration of an undergraduate or graduate program at Laurier. Currently, ISOW does not receive applications for scholarships. However, if you are interested in the scholarship program and believe that you would qualify for an ISOW scholarship at Laurier, please visit our partner organizations’ websites for applications. If you are selected through our partner organization, you will then be put into contact with us for a separate application process.


ISOW partners with organizations to locate and financially support Scholars. At present, ISOW is partnered with the Daughters for Life Foundation, The Iraqi and Syrian Student Project, Jusoor Syria, and Wilfrid Laurier University.

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Through the ISOW Scholarship, undergraduate and graduate students from around the world have the opportunity to study at Laurier and develop important skills that they can apply when they return home.

Current ISOW Scholars:

MEERA - studying Business and Marketing as an undergraduate

RASHA - studying Computer Science as an undergraduate

JUDY - studying Computer Science as an undergraduate

ROULA - studying Film Studies as an undergraduate

ZEINA - studying Psychology as an undergraduate

MANAR - studying Physics as an undergraduate

ALIK - studying Health Sciences as an undergraduate 

MUSTAFA - studying Kinesiology as an undergraduate 

SAJA - studying Global Studies as an undergraduate

GHSOUN - studying Computer Science as a graduate student

APHRODITE - studying Education as a graduate student

MARIA - studying International Public Policy as a graduate student

BUSHRA - studying Computer Science as a graduate student 

ISOW Alumni:

HIBA - Graduated with her BSc in Biology in June 2019

MAYAR - Graduated with her BSc in Physics in June 2019

LUBNA - Graduated with her MSc in Computer Science in June 2019

MARY - Graduated with her MA in English in June 2019

MAY - Graduated with her MA in Cultural Analysis and Social Theory in October 2017

FARAH - Graduated from the BBA program at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics in June 2015 

Saida, Lebanon - Hiba
Cairo, Egypt - Mayar
Homs, Syria - Meera, Aphrodite
Damascus, Syria - Rasha, Judy, Ghsoun, Roula, Zeina, Bushra, Maria, Mustafa
Sharjah, UAE - May
Farah - May
Suweida, Syria - Manar
Latakia, Syria - Mary
Nusirat, Gaza - Saja
Aleppo, Syria - Alik


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